April 27, 2011

But what shoes shall I wear to the ball?

Max C

Next Friday I am lucky enough to be an audience member in the new series of the Rob Brydon Show! Clearly being the girl that I am, and as I just got paid, this calls for a new outfit! I love this coral collared dress from asos, it's my favourite kind of fabric; sheer and floaty (does anyone else love watching the shadows of pretty see through dresses?) but I can't think what shoes I would wear with it! I thought of the colour blocking trend and would love to clash orange but I think the coral is to peachy a pink, the beige would make it a romantic look or I could go for a simple black suede heel which would be the most efficient shoe. Opinions please!


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Stefany said...

I like the neutral pump. You could color block with a blazer or something and that would give you a bit of an umph. :)